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Effective Products - Efficient Development

We are called in to accelerate software product development with teams of any size. We work in business areas such as Finance, Automotive, Pharma and Government. For this we draw on the agile principles and implement approaches based on SCRUM, SAFe, LeSS and others.

We help our customers improve their IT with coaching, training and bespoke software development.

What We Do

We are passionate about making knowledge work more efficient.

Software development and indeed hardware development are mostly knowledge work. We find that knowledge work can and must be made much more efficient than it is today. During our work as agile coaches, software architects and interim managers we have created methods, techniques and tools which help our customers improve the following areas:

Collaboration between companies, teams and machines

An enabler of collaboration is the flow of information between humans. We provide techniques ranging from collaborative problem solving to language modelling. This helps your teams improve their ways of working with each other.

Another enabler of collaboration is the ability for machines to understand each other, and for humans to understand machines. The foundation on which this is built are formal vocabularies such that data definitions can be derived for the machines. We employ an agile approach to creating such models, and indeed to curating them.

All our solutions are deep; they range from a conceptual level to the actual implementation of the solution.

Leadership: Finding and explaining the WHY

The most important question a leader has to answer these days, is 'why'. Why (or what for) is our company in the market, for instance. Finding this answer means creating a profound understanding of the market context, the own offerings and the nature of this context in terms of its complexity. We help our customers with lean practices and instruments such as Wardley Maps and Cynefin - embedded in our unique workshop format. We employ our tool Ontology Harvester for analysing the market perceptions of any given offering.

This information enables us to use Design Thinking or other techniques for finding new offerings to be developed. This, in turn, gives you as the leader the answer to the question 'why are we doing this?'

Management: Being the host for teams, aligning them whilst granting autonomy; cultivating self-organisation

We draw on the agile principles and the founding principle for managing in complex environment: Autonomy vs Alignment. We help managers enact these principles with techniques ranging from 'Coaching with Questions' to 'Briefing-Refinement-Back Briefing'.

About us

Our headquarters are situated in beautiful Black Forest. However, as most of our customers use English either as their native language or as their project language of choice we elected to publish this web site in English. Besides, our native dialect is considered a foreign language anyway by most of our fellow Germans.

Markus Wagner

war nix

Founder and Managing Director

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