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An overview of our services

We help teams and large organisations improve their ways of working. This means:

  • Helping teams define an initial approach, helping them to adopt a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Stepping into roles such as Program Manager, Software Architect, SCRUM Master and, as needed, the Product Management roles. Our main focus here is to hand over the role as soon as possible.
  • Helping people adopt techniques such as Accelerated Learning, Visual Modeling, Test-Driven Development, Modular Architectures, and Re-Factoring.

A look at the frameworks and methodologies we draw on:


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Cynefin is a framework for complexity management. To this end it helps decision makers understand the situation they are faced with, thereby building the foundation on which to make decisions about suitable approaches to move their organisation forward.

We use Cynefin as a starting point for any decision related to organisational change. We appreciate the clarity it brings to debates such as 'How agile does this organisation need to be?'.

Wardley Maps

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A Wardley Map is about showing your Value Chain with its constituent products and services in relation to the customer's perspective. By overlaying this Value Chain with a product maturity model you can position each product or services of your Value Chain on the map such that its current position in its lifecycle is reflected. The questions your managers need to ask and your teams need to answer bring a lot of clarity into strategy decisions, and take a lot of believe-based conflicts out of them.

We use Wardley Maps in our strategy workshops and product management workshops.

SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework

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SAFe is a framework for scaling agility to contexts much larger than a single team. Despite its significant drawbacks we employ SAFe in environments where there is a high degree or corporate regulations and stringency. It helps putting peoples' minds at rest when instigating a transition to agility. However, we strongly advise to employ this framework only with experienced coaches. The mistakes that can be made here are severe and expensive. We are saying this in the full knowledge about SAFe being the market leader. In our opinion SAFe should be used solely as a governance framework for teams and larger teams.

Markus Wagner

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Founder and Managing Director

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